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CD: NIRVANA Kurt Cobain, Grohl & Novoselic Signed IN UTERO CD Cover Beckett BAS Slab

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15,579.18 USD
15,579.18 USD
13 Nov 2020
17 Mar 2020
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United States
United States
Rock & Pop
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This lot consists of 1 – Autographed Slabbed CD Cover of NIRVANA (KURT COBAIN, DAVE GROHL & KIRSS NOVOSELIC). This signed CD COVER has been authenticated by BECKETT Certification #11005153. The autographed CD COVER has been signed boldly in sharpie marker and looks great! This autograph is guaranteed authentic and has been certified by BECKETT, the authority on autograph authentication.


Beckett Authentication Services was established in November of 2016 to provide an autograph authentication service that will be the most trusted and respected in this industry. Led by the two top autograph authenticators in the world, Brian Sobrero and Steve Grad bring their years of autograph experience to form the newest member to the Beckett team. Grad most recently served as principal authenticator for a leading authentication company, building that company's authentication business during the past 15 years. Grad has authenticated many of the finest pieces in the sports collectible hobby, including the highest graded Babe Ruth single-signed baseball and the only known Joe Jackson signed photo. Since 2013, Grad has served as an autograph expert for Pawn Stars on The History Channel, and will continue to appear on the popular show representing Beckett Authentication Services. Sobrero's lifelong association with the autograph industry has helped him develop an unmatched library of exemplars. He has been an invaluable resource to auction houses, leading hobby dealers and private collectors, ensuring that their modern autographs are authentic.