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CD: Type O Negative - The Complete Roadrunner Collection (6 Albums)

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17 Sep 2019
15 Sep 2019
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United Kingdom
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Type O Negative
Roadrunner Records
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Type O Negative - The Complete Roadrunner Collection (6 Albums)

Selling CDs from my collection as I will be converting over to streaming to save space.

I have over 1000 Metal/Rock/Blues etc. in my collection and not everything is listed yet so if you don't see something let me know and I'll see if I have it and I can get it listed for you.


The album collection "The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1991-2003" by the band Type O Negative, released in 2013

Includes the albums:

Slow, Deep and Hard

The Origin Of Feces

Bloody Kisses

October Rust

World Coming Down

Life Is Killing Me

Exterior case has very minor surface scratches. Booklet in perfect condition. CD has no visible scratches.

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