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Vinyl: Mason + Fenn - Profiles - 1985 Japanese pressing vinyl LP - Pink Floyd / 10cc

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29 Jun 2020
07 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
Pink Floyd
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Mason + Fenn - Profiles - 1985 Japanese pressing vinyl LP - Pink Floyd / 10cc

I have been a music lover and vinyl enthusiast since the early 1970s and over the past years have become an established and trusted eBay seller of a large and very wide range of vinyl records. The vast majority are authentic, original pressings featuring quality music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, but occasionally more recent releases if they are of particular interest.

I have been away from selling for almost a year though during this time I have been very fortunate in buying several full record collections including some very rare albums in quite beautiful condition, including many superb Japanese pressings, the quality of which has to be seen and heard to be believed.

I am a GENUINE, INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE SELLER not a professional trader, although you can be 100% assured that I will strive hard to apply thoroughly professional standards to every aspect of our eBay dealings. In the unlikely event that we ever did run into any problems then please do not hesitate to contact me and you have my unequivocal guarantee that the matter will be resolved without delay. I am honoured to have a loyal and highly valued band of returning buyers and customer satisfaction is my utmost priority.

All the records which I sell have been very well cared for, though I will give an honest appraisal of their condition and will put up plenty of photos of the actual records for sale so you can see exactly what you are bidding on. I endeavour to highlight anything in the description which I myself would want to be made aware of before deciding to place a bid. I am very aware that, as a distance buyer, you are entrusting in the honesty of the item descriptions and I always aim to describe the records truthfully. Should you need further details on a particular record then I will happily provide extra photographs and detail.

Every single record, barring new releases, be it a £5 or £500 album, goes through the same 4-stage deep cleaning process using either professionally constructed ultrasonic or wet vacuum systems, often both, with only record cleaning fluids of the finest quality and purity using techniques, materials and formulae tailored and developed from cleaning 1000s upon 1000s of albums over many years, so the vinyl is all immaculately clean and dust free and ready to play to its maximum potential. Every record is then inspected under the ultra-bright and highly revealing light of an LED inspection lamp and then the relevant visual results of this are noted in the descriptions.

A note regarding the most important matter of all - the audio - as with all vinyl, even straight out of the cellophane, there can be light crackle or very light 'ticks/pops' during the quiet passages. I have listened carefully to all these records so I will include in the descriptions any aspects of the audio playback which needs to be highlighted and although highly subjective, the only measure by which I make an informed decision is that ultimately if I wouldn't be absolutely 100% happy to immediately slide the record in alongside my own personal treasured collection, then quite simply it will not be listed for sale on here.

All records will be supplied to you in a high quality clear outer wallet to protect the sleeve and a top quality poly-lined inner for the vinyl.



Mason + Fenn - 'Profiles' - original 1985 vinyl album in excellent condition. The matrix reads 28AP - 3075 A1 / B1.

The vinyl is in pretty immaculate condition and retains all of its original 'just pressed' glossy sheen with only the very lightest of wispy superficial hairlines, if any at all, visible in bright light and I have played this album through and playback is excellent. I am listening to the album as I type this, currently and the audio is quite superb, really powerful, yet still delightfully and crisply detailed and delivering all of that richness and depth characteristic of the music produced from the source of high quality well cared for and well produced vinyl.

The sleeve is in excellent condition and presents really well in its brand new high quality clear protective outer jacket.

The vinyl is now housed in a brand new high quality poly-lined inner sleeve for safekeeping though the original standard Japanese issue anti-static inner sleeve is included for completeness.

The insert is in pretty pristine condition and the OBI is in really good shape.

Please take a little time to take a look at the photos which were taken today and are of the actual record which is for sale here and, although I'm certainly not a great photographer, represent my best attempt to give an accurate reflection of this vintage album's excellent all round condition.

All in all, this is a really lovely looking and sounding copy of this really mesmerising and uplifting album by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and 10cc's Rick Fenn. The quality packaging is in great shape and the freshly deep cleaned pretty immaculate vinyl delivers a quite superb pin sharp audio.


I am an experienced seller and your records will be sent to you thoroughly packaged in high quality bespoke record mailers with rigid card stiffeners.


I will be listing lots of other very varied high quality records over the coming days and weeks including some quite superb rarities and collectables and I have other listings currently running so please check out my other items for sale and thank you for looking.