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78 rpm: 78 rpm MISS HUE LEE Rose Rose I Love You Danish 1951 Chinese Yao Li shellac 10"

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100.00 USD
100.00 USD
22 May 2020
20 May 2020
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78 rpm
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Mis Hue Lee (Yao Li): Rose, Rose, I love you / An Autumn melody (Columbia DB 2837) 1951 78 RPM Record = EX Record made in Denmark. Both tunes sung in Chinese. Comes in typical Danish record shop cardboard sleeve Play tested on a Philips travel grammophone from late 1960s, with a new pick-up for 78 rpm. Registered airmail included in shipping cost! Shipping cost, payment and discounts.

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SS Still Sealed
Never opened. Flawless, with no damage whatsoever.

M Mint
M- Near Mint

Has been opened, but is still flawless
with no damage whatsoever.

EX Excellent
vinyl: looks and plays very close to perfect
Cover: May only have the slightest signs of normal wear.

VG+ Very Good Plus
Vinyl: May have scuff marks and signs of some wear but
will still play almost perfectly throughout, with only
"barely detectable" crackles or pops. A slight noise at the
beginning is allowable, but the remainder must be nearly flawless.
Cover: Some wear, but overall nice looking. No heavy marks, heavy ring wear etc.

VG Very Good
Vinyl: May crackle, pop or make other annoying noises, but only
occasionally, never continuously, and not more loudly than the
music being listened to.
Cover: Normal used cover wear such as ring wear and split seams.
If there is abnormal damage such as tears or markings,
but the seller still feels that it qualifies as a "VG",
the damage must be described in comments attached to the item.

VG- Very Good minus
Vinyl: May have continuous crackles, pops, etc... but not so loud as to
make the music completely unlistenable or unenjoyable to the
casual listener.
Cover: More than normal wear and tear.

G Good
Record will not play properly due to scratches, bad surface noise, etc.
The cover and contents will be damaged

- + are used for conditions falling between the above listed