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Vinyl: 5 x ‘Frank Sinatra’ Vinyl LP’s

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25 Mar 2020
18 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom
Frank Sinatra
United Kingdom
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5 x ‘Frank Sinatra’ Vinyl LP’s

5 x Frank Sinatra Vinyl LP’s:

‘A Man Alone’ 1971 UK Issue LP (Reprise Records: K44016)

‘Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back’ 1973 UK Issue Gatefold Sleeve LP (Reprise Records: K44249)

‘I Remember Tommy’ 1976 UK Issue LP (Reprise Records: K54063)

‘The Rare Sinatra’ 1978 UK Issue LP (Capitol Records: E-ST 24311)

‘Look At Your Heart’ 1984 UK Issue Mono LP (Capitol Records: ED 26 0140 1

All the Vinyl is in excellent condition; the sleeves are slightly worn as can be seen..