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CD: Keith Jarrett Japan 24K Gold Mini LP-CD's Box Set (One Of A Kind) (27 CD’s)

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995.00 USD
995.00 USD
15 Sep 2020
27 Jan 2020
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United States
Brand New
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Keith Jarrett Ultimate Box Set! This Set Contains 22 Titles and 27 CD's. All But One CD Are 24K Gold CD's. These CD's Are
New & In Mint Condition. Box Was Custom Made For This Set. There Is A Small Split On Side Of Box (See Attached Picture). This Set is Expensive But Selling For Much Less Than I Paid. This Set Includes The Following:

1968-Somewhere Before (No Obi And Not Gold, But is New Genuine Japan Mini LP)
1971-Facing You
1973-Solo Concerts Bremen & Lausanne (2 CD's)
1974-Death And The Flower
1975-The Koln Concert
1976-Survivor's Suite
1976-Staircase (2 CD's)
1976-Eyes Of The Heart
1977-My Song
1979-Personal Mountains
1979-Nude Ants (2 CD's)
1983-Standards, Vol. 1
1983-Standards, Vol. 2
1985-Standards Live
1986-Still Live (2 CD's)
1987-Dark Intervals
1988-Paris Concert
1989-Tribute (2 CD's)