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Vinyl: Entire Music Matters Definitive Blue Note series, 45 RPM Limited Edition Jazz Collection 120 titles

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01 Jan 2020
03 Nov 2019
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United States
Avantgarde/Free Jazz Bebop Big Band/Swing Bossa Nova Contemporary Jazz Cool
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Now is your opportunity to own the entire 120-title Music Matters Definitive Blue Note Limited Edition Collection. Originally intended to be an 88-title series, Music Matters expanded the collection to include an additional 32 titles. These 45s are in pristine condition: 113 of them are still factory sealed, the other 7 opened but played only a few times.
With artists like Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Herbie Hancock, Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd (and more), this collection fulfills every vinyl jazz collector's dream. [Note: Please see the photos for this listing for a full list of the 120 titles.]

Here is what some critics had to say about the series:

“Full of relaxed grooves, great melodies and strong performances...The Music Matters pressings are all about wringing the most sonic information from the original master tapes. The series has been wildly successful at presenting these old Blue Note titles with better fidelity to the master tapes than they've ever exhibited before.”

— Greg Simmons

All About Jazz, Jan. 2013

“Music Matters continues to set the standard for aural bliss.”

— Jeff Dorgay

Tone Magazine

“Music Matters has reissued nearly 60 historic Blue Note titles on a pair of 45rpm LPs. Each has been exemplary -- and many have been essential. With the care it takes both in terms of the LPs themselves and the sleeves -- which are gorgeously rendered and include unpublished session photos -- the label has set a very high standard by which recordings reissued on LP will be measured.”

— Marc Mickelson

The Audio Beat, Feb 2011

“And they’ve now been reissued by a company that puts the music first and makes sure every aspect of these LPs is the best it can be, from cover stock, artwork, and inner sleeves to the pressings themselves. If you love jazz, this is the series to own. There’s never been a better reissue series than the Music Matters Blue Notes.”

— John Crossett , Sept. 2009

“Right now, 2008, is the second golden age of vinyl. These limited edition reissues, already showing signs of selling out as they hit the market, will surely be coveted by future analog fans, so consider them investments in your current pleasure and future economic well-being!”

— Michael Fremer,


“The sound? An update of classic Blue Note immediacy that adds the sort of naturalness and in-the-room presence the originals can't muster. And there's bass weight you won't hear on any version of this music, even the remastered CDs. This isn't original Blue Note sound -- it's better, and it's in stereo, which is how the sessions were laid to tape.”

You will be reading a steady stream of praise about these Music Matters reissues -- from their glossy packaging to their ultra-quiet surfaces and thoroughly contemporary sound. Believe it all.”

— Marc Mickelson , Feb. 2008

“I’ve heard a lot of Blue Note originals and myriad reissues over the years, but based on the sample test pressings heard so far, none—and I mean none—convey the intensity of living, breathing music-making the way the Music Matter’s Blue Note series does. The sense of air, texture, and dynamic pop in these grooves is astonishing. The music, of course, speaks for itself—and bravo to Music Matters for realizing that the original graphics and Francis Wolff photos are an equally important part of the Blue Note vibe. I can’t wait to see the finished products.“

— Wayne Garcia

The Absolute Sound