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Vinyl: Northern Soul INSPIRATIONS No One Else Can Take Your Place BREAKTHROUGH 1001 NM

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8,600.00 USD
1,966.00 USD
17 Jul 2019
10 Jul 2019
22 bids
United States
United States
R&B & Soul
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I found this 45 recently along with a batch of others. Almost all are promo or demo 45s from the mid 1960's and most like this one appear to have never been played. I shall list more of them shortly.

If you are reading this you are probably familiar with the back story of this 45. There were a lot of myths surrounding the recording since its discovery in the early 70's. It was recorded in 1966 by Joey Jefferson for his Breakthrough label (he also had the Mutt & Jeff label). Because of contractual problems the 45 was never actually released and just a handful of copies are known to exist. I read Neil Rushton was the first DJ to play this in the UK at the Ritz in Manchester and then played it at the Blackpool Mecca and Colin Curtis bought it off him and played it often as well. This would hve been 1973 0r 1974 abouts. In 1977 a re-issue was pressed but it turned out to be a different version of the song. This became quite collectable as well ..but nowhere near as desired as this.

I rarely use terms like "holy grail" but in this case it is warranted.

The condition of this appears to be NM. I never use the term "Mint" unless something is still factory sealed. I truly doubt this was ever played before I did just now. I got this from the estate of the original owner who was a music distributor in the 1960's. This was put in a box and put in a closet and literally never saw the light of day til a couple weeks ago.
It looks beautiful and plays like a dream, the only flaw is a very very slight storage warp that does not affect play.
This almost never comes up for auction as it is insanely rare. the few times it has the copies are in much less desirable condition and have still gone for quite a pretty penny. Hence my opening price.
** If this is your "bag" , please check my upcoming auctions for some other rare ones.