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CD: RARE Prince 1999 Australian promo CD in Digipak

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75.00 AUD
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75.00 AUD
14 Mar 2019
25 Nov 2018
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Prince '1999 - The Song of the Century' Australian promo CD single in Digipak PROCD1999.

This is a used CD in excellent condition.

Please see scan for full track list.

The small print...

Payment can be as Bank transfer, Australian money order or Paypal.

Your money back (except for postal costs incurred) for any reason if not satisfied with purchase, on return of item.

I do not use stock photos. Item shown is an actual photo or scan.

With used CD's I grade the discs and not the cases so quality of case can vary. Some can be like-new, older ones may have some scuff marks. With the exception of damaged cases, I like to use the original case as some collectors prefer this.

Standard CD's are posted as letters, to keep postal costs as low as possible. To keep the CD at the letter rate I use a single layer of bubblewrap for protection. In my experience it is very rare for a CD case to crack in the post, but yes, it can happen. Jewel cases cost around 20c so in the unlikely event that the case needs to be replaced, the buyer is still saving money by posting this way.

Overseas orders, I may need to ask for insured post in order to meet with Paypal seller/buyer protection requirements.

Your purchase is valued so please shop with confidence. Daniel.