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Vinyl: A&M Sex Pistols 1977 original single God Save The Queen

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8,502.00 GBP
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05 Nov 2018
29 Oct 2018
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United Kingdom
Sex Pistols
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A&M Sex Pistols 1977 original single God Save The Queen
One out of 25,000 copies originally pressed, however the vast majority were destroyed when A&M ditched the punk band after only 6 days due to their rebellious bad behaviour on March 10th 1977.
The actual numbers of copies still in existence varies widely from just a few dozen up to a few hundred.
Nobody really knows the true figure,as some are now in private collections. However, it is undoubtedly rare and sought after by collectors worldwide.
The composers are John Lydon, Glen Marlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook.
Produced by Chris Thomas.
Side One is God Save The Queen, 3.10
Side Two is No Feeling, 2.44
Serrated rim with anti slip necklace.
Free worldwide postage.Other courier will be used for secure guaranteed delivery wiith maximum insurance to safeguard both parties.
Although I realise that I have started the bidding at £500,I realise its potential is above £10,000.