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78 rpm: RARE! B A ROLFE."Who Wouldn't Be Blue"/When Sweet Susie...." 52326 E-

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20 Mar 2016
13 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
78 rpm
Dance & Electronica
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RARE! B A ROLFE."Who Wouldn't Be Blue"/When Sweet Susie...." 52326 E-
A quick pre-amble....it is nearly two years since I last listed 78s on Ebay. We moved house about eighteen months ago, and have been busy working on the new place. However I am now starting to dispose of quite a lot of records, partly because I just don't play them any more, or I have managed to get better copies. Be warned....there are some pretty rare items to come!

As always. postage/shipping is difficult to state with accuracy, but rest assured I will not charge any more than Royal Mail charges me. Equally I will not charge for packing materials. Those who have bought from me in the past will know that my packing is good and safe.....even if I say it myself!

As a starting point, I am listing some Edison issues including three Lateral (Needle Cut) Discs.

This is Edison 52326; B A Rolfe. "Who Wouldn't Be Blue"/"When Sweet Susie Goes Stepping By". This plays to E- on my set-up despite some surface scratches on both sides which do not affect play. As with all these later Edisons it would be nice to have an N-copy...but they just don't turn up....