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CD: Jim Reeves - Radio Days Vol.1 (4-CD Deluxe Box Set) - Classic Country Artists

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13 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2014
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Jim Reeves
Bear Family Records
Traditional Country
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Radio Days Vol.1 (4-CD Deluxe Box Set)

Reeves, Jim

4-CD box (LP-size) with 24-page book, 117 tracks. Playing time approx. 212 mns.
The side of Jim Reeves that nobody knows! In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Gentleman Jim recorded many transcriptions for Country Music Time. Unavailable since the day they were aired, these shows reveal a different and rarely heard side of the legendary country balladeer. He's working with his own group in various settings, and performs his hits as well as songs that he rarely if ever tackled elsewhere. Here's the relaxed, informal Jim Reeves that fans remember best.

This 4-CD boxed set includes 117 titles. Not only are there rare versions of Jim Reeves classics like Am I Losing You, Yonder Comes A Sucker, According To My Heart, Anna Marie, Billy Bayou, Blue Boy, Bimbo, He'll Have To Go, and Four Walls, but Jim also performs songs from his albums and personal favorites like The Wind-Up, If Heartache Is The Fashion, Oklahoma Hills, Roly Poly, and Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt.

In addition, Jim Reeves introduces fellow Nashville stars like Chet Atkins, Jean Shepard, Del Wood, Benny Martin, the Louvin Brothers, Stringbean, and Carl Butler .... plus of course his own
Blue Boys
. As a final bonus, there's an interview with Jim Reeves conducted by dee-jay Don Davis.
Medium 1 Id Name Interpret
1Beaumont Rag/intro
2Roly Poly
3Am I Losing You?
4Portuguese Washerwoman (CHET ATKINS)
5The Wind-Up
6Yonder Comes A Sucker
7Beaumont Rag/outro
8Beaumont Rag/intro
10According To My Heart
11Raggin' The Keys (DEL WOOD)
12Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt
13An Evening Prayer
14Beaumont Rag/outro
15Beaumont Rag/intro
16Oklahoma Hills
17Am I Losing You?
18I Didn't Know The Gun Was... (JEAN SHEPARD)
19Your Old Loveletters
20Beaumont Rag/outro
21Beaumont Rag/intro
22According To My Heart
23Anna Marie
24Border Baby (BENNY MARTIN)
25I Love You More
26Waiting For A Train
27Beaumont Rag/outro
28Jim Reeves interview with Don Davis
Medium 2
1Beamont Rag/Intro
2Billy Bayou
3I'd Like To Be
4Midnight In Old Amarillo (THE BLUE BOYS)
5Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
6Blue Boy
7Beaumont Rag/outro
8Beaumont Rag/intro
9I Get The Blues When It Rains
10Theme Of Love
11Blue Boy
12Bud's Bounce (THE BLUE BOYS)
13Am I Losing You?
14Beaumont Rag/outro
15Beaumont Rag/intro
16Billy Bayou
17Am I Losing You?
18Blue From Now On (LOUVIN BROS)
19Blue Boy
20Beaumont Rag/outro
21Beaumont Rag/intro
23Anna Marie
24Yes, There's A Reason (DONNA DARLENE)
25I'd Like To Be
26Beaumont Rag/outro
27Beaumont Rag/intro
28'Til The End Of The World
29Making Believe
30Just Call Me Lonesome
31Beaumont Rag/outro
Medium 3
1Beaumont Rag/intro
2Blue Boy
3If Heartache Is The Fashion
4The Butcher Boy (HARVEY JUNE VAN)
5Streets Of Laredo
6Beaumont Rag/outro
7Beaumont Rag/intro
8Billy Bayou
9I'm Beginning To Forget You
10You're Making A Fool Out Of Me (WANDA JONES)
11Mexican Joe
13Beaumont Rag/outro
14Beaumont Rag/intro
15Blue Boy
16He'll Have To Go
17I Know What It Means To Be... (CARL BUTLER)
18Honey Won't You Please Come Home
19Beaumont Rag/outro
20Beaumont Rag/intro
21I Know One
22He'll Have To Go
24Sally Goodin (TOMMY JACKSON)
25Billy Bayou
26Beaumont Rag/outro
Medium 4
1Beaumont Rag/intro
2Blue Boy
3Four Walls
5Beaumont Rag/outro
6Beaumont Rag/intro
7I Get The Blues When It Rains
8He'll Have To Go
9Barnyard Banjo Pickin' (STRINGBEAN)
10I Don't See You In My Eyes Anymore
11An Evening Prayer
12Beaumont Rag/outro
13Beaumont Rag/intro
14Billy Bayou
15Am I Losing You?
16Wheels (BLUE BOYS)
17Then I'll Stop Loving You
18Beaumont Rag/outro
19Beaumont Rag/intro
20Your Old Loveletters
21It's Nothin' To Me
22Then I'll Be Happy (DEE DON)
23San Antonio Rose (BLUE BOYS)
24What Would You Do?
25Beaumont Rag/outro
26Beaumont Rag/intro
27I'm Gonna Change Everything
28Four Walls
29In A Mansion Stands My Love
30Wheels (BLUE BOYS)
31Pride Goes Before A Fall
32Beaumont Rag/outro

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